Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm doing things Backwards...

So as you can see, I started off my first blog spewing random thoughts about the Olympics and my problems. Lol.

But now I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself now, lol.

I'm so Crazy.

That Pretty much Sums me up. I'm unpredictable, wild, crazy, free spirited, stubborn, caring, Always looking out for those I love, Eccentric, unconventional, sometimes sarcastic/meaner than a usual person, Sometimes insanely nice and loving to people, I trust people more than I should, I try to be polite, I'm proffessional when I need to be, but when I'm in the right environment I let loose and I like to party.

But yeah, Crazy sums it up pretty much.

Now for a more formal introduction...

Hi, my name is Stergios Darntanis and I am YOUR Students Live Reporter for the 2010 Olympics; You want the 411 on the olympics? Come to me, I'll get the dirt, I'm not afraid to ask the hard questions, watch for upcoming interviews, I may say some things you may not expect to here.

Born and Raised in Vancouver, I grew up in a very conservative Christian Family. I am a quarter Peruvian, a quarter Chinese, and half Greek. Yep, I'm a crazy mixed child. Sometimes I get confused for having Arabic descent. I don't, by the way. I am 17, in grade 12, excited for University. I'm going to miss Highschool a lot, but i'm excited for what's ahead.

My dream job is to be a 'journalist'. I use that term loosely because I'm considering covering anything from hard hitting stories to Pop culture. I think my overall goal would be to work somewhere like MTV or MuchMusic. (Hey, I can dream can't I?)

I enjoy Skiing, hanging with friends, playing video games, Swimming, and I family? LOL, oh dear.

I Feel like becoming a reporter for the Olympics is a great opportunity. Not only do I get to go see the amazing winter games, but I get to live my dream as a journalist, AND I get to represent Vancouver for all it's greatness; Can you say, TRIPLE YES?


  1. very nice blog! i will be following you.. literally

  2. nice :) but i think you might wanna have purple as a font colour as it is very hard to read on a dark background.

  3. hahahahaha.....this is awesome and making me laugh out loud (a very good thing)...can't you hear me? :P great job! looking forward to reading more of your work =)

  4. Nice job Stergio! Look forward to what you have to say.