Wednesday, February 17, 2010

VICTORY CEREMONY- Maelle Ricker takes Gold!

My First victory Ceremony.


Clapping.Cheering. Standing up. sitting down. Listening to various national anthems. Paul "Wait who?" Brandt. it was quite an interesting night.

Highlight of the night was definetely seeing Maelle Ricker, Gold medalist for Women's Snowboarding, receive her Gold medal. The crowd went crazy. Maelle Ricker cried. We sang 'O Canada', a song which I love, and that I haven't had a chance to sing in quite a while.

I would also like to comment, that the silver medalist for Alpine Skiing, Julia Mancuso, wore a tiara when receiving her medal. In all honesty, it just looked tacky. This isn't a beauty pageant, this is a victory ceremony for the WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES. I was hoping she would take the darn thing off. She didn't.

Anyone know Paul Brandt? He's this country singer from Alberta. I had never heard of him before, and I was quite pleasantly surprised by him. While I was not into any of his songs (or country music in general), he had a very good voice. I was dissapointed going into the ceremony, because I really wanted to see Nelly Furtado or perform. We got Mr. Brandt here, from Calgary. Over all, not bad...especially for a country singer.

Well, this was my first victory ceremony (and hopefully not my last), and I gotta say it was a blast.
Now I leave you all with this final question:
Who was the best performer at the 2010 Victory Ceremonies?



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