Monday, February 15, 2010

Women's Finland Vs. Russia- An Epic Tale

Yesterday, at UBC Thunderbird Arena, Finland was able to "Finnish"(See what I did there?) Russia. Mind you, it wasn't as bad as Slovakia's lost to Canada, 18-0, but still.

The final score was 5-1.

Going into the game, I went on cheering Finland. Why exactly? Not really sure. I knew Finland had a stronger record, so I guess that's why.

Russia, by a stroke of luck, managed to score the first goal, in a very vague referee call. At first, the teams seemed pretty evenly matched. As the period went on however, Finland managed to score 2 goals. Don't ask me who scored, the names were all foreign (and actually pretty cool).

In the 2nd period, you could tell Russia was suffering; The former Comi's got served. Stalin couldn't save them.

You really should've seen the Finnish and Russian spectators. They went crazy. One Finnish fan insisted on starting "The wave" every few minutes. It got old really fast. An obese man decided to take off his shirt when the camera panned towards him. He then proceeded in throwing his shirt to the other spectators. You would need to PAY ME to touch that shirt. I couldn't tell what was worse; Him or the Russian's game play.

By third period, Finland was still going stronger, and Russia just seemed to slow down. Finland scored two more goals before the end of the game. Let me just note that Finland, while a strong Hockey team, was not amazing; Rather, Russia was terrible. You could count the number of passes they made.

This, my friends, was my first hockey game. I am not a hockey fan. However, seeing all the fans and hockey fanatics, and the rather amusing foreigners, I did get quite into the game. Still not a hockey fan though.

I did manage to interview a Finland fan. She was extremely energetic and comical. Her name was Barb, but she said you could call her "barb wire". I forced a smile. Gotta make the people think they're funny, even if they're not.

She was from somewhere in the interior of BC.

My Interview with her will be up shortly.

Over all, for my first event, it was pretty great!

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